Limiting the Spread

Tracking Resistance

Improving Stewardship

Developing New Solutions

Precise diagnosis is one of the cornerstones of a successful antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP), as reviewed by experts from the University of Montreal and the University of Chicago in a recent publication.1 Partnering with your laboratory to implement high-performing rapid diagnostic tests such as nucleic acid amplification tests can reduce the inappropriate use of antimicrobials and contribute to improvements in your stewardship program.

Click here to download the study to explore a variety of stewardship concepts and how successful partnerships between the lab and clinicians can play a vital role in your stewardship program.

1. Morency-Potvin P, Schwartz DN, Weinstein RA. 2017. Antimicrobial stewardship: how the microbiology laboratory can right the ship. Clin Microbiol Rev 30:381– 407. Downloaded February 1, 2018 from

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